Feelingz Series: Guilt & Resentment

Next on the series I was thinking lately about how guilt and resentment can be cyclical and how those feelings can start to bleed into your outlook on life.

Feelingz Series: Anxiety

Wanted to capture some basic human conditions/behaviors and first on the list was anxiety. Certain things on the list distract you momentarily but other things lessen your anxiety bar.

Cookies n' Cream

Wanted to document our dog Cookie's original planet


Continuing my sculpting journey with everyone's favorite gremlin

Typography Experiments

Trying the Text to Points functionality in p5

Oldies but Goodies: Miscellaneous

In college, I did illustrations for friends or just did random art for fun

Oldies but Goodies: Newspaper

I was the staff artist at my high school and what that meant was that I did the illustrations and layout for the newspaper but also I created the monthly quiz


This illustration was from Christmas as a present for my brother's family to capture my cute little niece and nephew
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