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This bingo game is my attempt to dissect some complicated truths about being an Asian American. Part of this is prompted by this idea that those across the AAPI community share some universal patterns within our backgrounds whether it's recurring traits within our families, how society and the media treats us, or how we think of ourselves. And it also fascinates me to see reactions from those who come from other backgrounds and compare and contrast the overlap with our respective identities. Some of these things are boxes that I don't necessarily check for myself but I've heard recurring from others, and many are things that I've experienced myself.

The Struggle is Real

I wanted to capture the feel of trying to balance all of the different types of bandwidth in every day life

Feelingz Series: Guilt & Resentment

Next on the series I was thinking lately about how guilt and resentment can be cyclical and how those feelings can start to bleed into your outlook on life.

Feelingz Series: Anxiety

Wanted to capture some basic human conditions/behaviors and first on the list was anxiety. Certain things on the list distract you momentarily but other things lessen your anxiety bar.
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