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Sketching: This n' that

Faces and flowers and whatevers on the Wacom

Cookie Sketches

More Cookie sketches on the Wacom tablet

Getting Sketchy Round 3

Even more Wacom sketches including portraits of me, my boyfriend and our dog

Getting Sketchy, cont'd

Documenting my continued efforts to get used to the Wacom One

Getting Sketchy

Got a Wacom One so I've been trying to get used to drawing on it

Luke & Sis

My brother and his wife are expecting a little girl so as I thought I'd capture their future hijinx with another illustration

Pixel Platformer Planning

I'm currently taking a Unity class where I'm learning to make a retro platformer. In the process, I wanted to really plan the pixels for my character, who of course ended up being our teacup poodle Cookie.

Assorted Doodles

Little things here and there
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