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Skills & Tools

  • Responsive/Grid frameworks (e.g. Zurb Foundation) and responsive retrofitting
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Expertise in ExpressionEngine and Wordpress
  • Has experience with Drupal
  • Performance optimization
    • Stash development in EE
    • Minimization/compression of assets
  • Troubleshooting, debugging (Firebug, developer tools, console), problem solving
  • Writing and presenting technical specifications
  • Implementing SEO practices within CMS
  • Data migration
  • Email template development
  • Icon fonts, SVG, Modernizr
  • Cross browser testing
  • Building accessible, maintainable, scalable sites from scratch using design concepts and technical requirements, integrating CMS
  • Expertise in the following development tools/frameworks: Atom/Coda, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, Gulp, Browsersync, Grunticon, SASS/CSS, MAMP, Sequel Pro, Icomoon, Git, Google Tag Manager
  • Expertise in the following miscellanous tools: Excel, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Teamwork/Basecamp



University of Texas at Austin, College of Engineering
Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering
GPA: 3.51


Senior Developer, TradeMark Media, September 2011 - Present

  • Hired as Junior Developer, promoted within 6 months; promoted to senior developer in 2015.
  • Typically managed up to 10 different projects at any one time, ranging from troubleshooting minor problems on existing sites to developing an entirely new site from scratch to reskinning or adding new functionality to an older site
  • Wide variety of clients and project types meant that there was always a different problem to solve, a different technology to learn, a different approach to take
  • Commonly required to work within hourly budgets, deadlines
  • Provided input to all pieces of the design/development/user experience process, occasionally required to interface with client or client’s technical team

Developer/Designer/Webmaster, 53rd Week, May 2012 - Present

  • Volunteers as the developer and designer for this non-profit organization
  • Given basic goals for the site, updated information architecture from existing content on their former Wordpress site
  • Designed, developed, and integrated ExpressionEngine Core into a responsive framework

Freelance Developer/Designer

  • Will occasionally take on freelance design and development work primarily to continue to grow as a web designer, but also to work with small-scale local and independent companies who wouldn’t be able to afford an agency

Other Relevant Experience

  • Web Design Intern, Technology Resources at University of Texas at Austin, Summer 2011
  • Web Developer Intern, Mach2Media, Summer 2010
  • Intro to Computer Methods Tutor, University of Texas at Austin, Spring 2010
  • Network Repair Bureau Intern, Verizon Wireless, Summer 2008/2009


  • Dean’s Honor List, Ampla Cum Laude, 2010
  • Artwork published in Austin Makes A Book, 2010
  • Artist Contributor, The Horn, 2010, and The Undecided, 2007
  • Resolved most tickets in internship program, Verizon Wireless, 2009
  • Recipient of $24,000 Virginia & Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Scholarship, 2008

Get to know me

Describing yourself is always a toughie, and it's hard to break yourself down into digestible chunks. So my bio format will be a compilation of lists since that's what we're used to these days (a la Buzzfeed).

10 adjectives used to describe me by colleagues in an anonymous review

Committed, genuine, fun, talented, innovative, enthusiastic, efficient, earnest, quirky, helpful.

Top advice I would give my teenage self if I could send a time-traveling e-mail

"Chill out, Kristine. P.S. this internet thing you're using is going to blow your mind. Buy Google stocks now."

Things that I value in people, companies, my peers

Sincerity, ambition, passion, friendliness, levity.

In summation

  • Amateur taxidermist
  • Pug enthusiast
  • Podcast consumer
  • Eater of most edible food items (i.e. quantity and quality)

Let's hang sometime

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