Drawing and scribbling and doodlin'

Dah Doh

My nephew was obsessed with planes, trains, and automobiles at the time. His favorite book was called Things That Go, but he pronounced it "Dah-Doh!" For Christmas, I recreated the book cover with his pronounciation and replaced all of the characters with family members and had it printed on a pillow. First picture is the original book; second image is the illustration; third image is Luke identifying family members on the pillow

Feed a Pug

I wanted to test out the GSAP animation scripts so of course I had to illustrate a pug.


My brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy. I wanted to capture their first son Ollie the Pug welcoming him with open arms. I started with an initial illustration then iterated on it, and then added in some animation.

Assorted Doodles


Throwback to the '95 Compaq days

Lizard Man

Just a random character that I made up. Couldn't think of what to put in his speech bubble so I thought it'd be fun to keep it blank so that if I printed it out, people could write what they think he would say.


Pug in a Corvette with my dad's go-to phrase for when he feels road rage coming on Started with a pen drawing imported into illustrator and progressed into color and then into animation