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Miscellaneous doodlings, thinkings, etc.


My mom is going to be a lola (grandma in Tagalog) soon so I whipped up a design to get printed on a mug for her

Tags: Typography


Messing around with fonts and layering textures

Tags: Typography


Throwback to the '95 Compaq days

Tags: Illustration

Assorted Doodles

Tags: Illustration


My brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy. I wanted to capture their first son Ollie the Pug welcoming him with open arms. I started with an initial illustration then iterated on it, and then added in some animation.

Tags: Illustration, Animation, Javascript

Feed a Pug

I wanted to test out the GSAP animation scripts so of course I had to illustrate a pug.

Tags: Javascript, Animation, Illustration, Interactive

The Feels

Tags: Animation, Interactive, p5.js

The Letter K Redux

Tags: Animation, Interactive, Javascript, p5.js


Trying out a script called Vivus

Tags: Javascript, Animation


Pug in a Corvette with my dad's go-to phrase for when he feels road rage coming on Started with a pen drawing imported into illustrator and progressed into color and then into animation

Tags: Illustration, Animation, Javascript


It was my nephew's my first Christmas so I wanted to capture the moment with a painting

Tags: painting

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