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Cookies n' Cream

Wanted to document our dog Cookie's original planet


Continuing my sculpting journey with everyone's favorite gremlin

Maddy Sculpt

My niece's birthday was this month so I wanted to use my newfound (newbie) Blender sculpting skills to try my hand at a Pixar-ified portrait of her.

Blender Sculpt: Face

Just messing around with sculpting and soft body sims

Blender: Sculpt - Wolverine

I was challenged to sculpt Wolverine and I'm pretty proud of this one. A work in progress so will post updates.

Blender: Sims

Wanted to do some basic testing of the different simulations in Blender

Blender Sculpt: Pug

Inevitably I would need to sculpt a pug as pugs are practically the Fernandez family mascot

Blender Sculpt: Cookie

Of course, Cookie needed to be created in 3D form

Blender Sculpts: Sea Creature Edition

I wanted to try out sculpting in Blender so I returned to some of my favorite sea creatures the squid and the octopus

Blender, cont'd

After my initial attempts at modeling via a tutorial, I wanted to continue practicing so I worked on modeling my living room.


Been wanting to learn Blender for some 3D modeling fun and I've taken a course and started messing around.
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