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Oldies but Goodies: Miscellaneous

In college, I did illustrations for friends or just did random art for fun

Oldies but Goodies: Newspaper

I was the staff artist at my high school and what that meant was that I did the illustrations and layout for the newspaper but also I created the monthly quiz


This illustration was from Christmas as a present for my brother's family to capture my cute little niece and nephew

Vignettes of Yellowstone + Grand Tetons

I wanted to capture little moments from a trip I took with some girlfriends

Cookie Sketches

More Cookie sketches on the Wacom tablet

Another year, another birthday sketch

It's become a family joke that everyone knows that there is always a sentimental gift whenever birthday or Christmas rolls around. This time I decided to do a dinosaur theme for my nephew's birthday drawings.

Getting Sketchy, cont'd

Documenting my continued efforts to get used to the Wacom One

Getting Sketchy

Got a Wacom One so I've been trying to get used to drawing on it


My nephew's current obsession is Spiderman, so I wanted to make a poster of him as Spider-Luke

Oldies but Goodies: Illustration

Compilation of various illustrations from the past 10 or so years

Luke & Ollz

For Luke's Christmas present, I wanted to illustrate a short book about a boy and his pug.

Luke & Sis

My brother and his wife are expecting a little girl so as I thought I'd capture their future hijinx with another illustration

Monster Pillow

I had bought a pillow that didn't match with the rest of our living room so I thought I'd paint it with a character that matched our color scheme. I wanted to create it in the rubber hose style of cartoons, specifically inspired by the game Cuphead so I spent time sketching in the style.

Cookie Sketches

My muse, our little teacup poodle, always makes a good subject

"No, You're Wobbly!"

My hilarious nephew and I had an inside joke where the punch line was "No, you're wobbly!" His birthday was coming up so I thought I'd make an illustration to memorialize it.

Dah Doh

My nephew was obsessed with planes, trains, and automobiles at the time. His favorite book was called Things That Go, but he pronounced it "Dah-Doh!" For Christmas, I recreated the book cover with his pronounciation and replaced all of the characters with family members and had it printed on a pillow.


Throwback to the '95 Compaq days

Assorted Doodles

Little things here and there

Luke & Ollz

My brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy. I wanted to capture their first son Ollie the Pug welcoming him with open arms. I started with an initial illustration then iterated on it, and then added in some animation.


Pug in a Corvette with my dad's go-to phrase for when he feels road rage coming on
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